Web Server Softwares: Setup A Personal Home Web Server

You can test simple Html, or dynamic websites using server-side technologies like php, MySQL, Perl and test web application based software i.e. CMS (content management system) like WordPress, Joomla, phpbb, Magento, Dolphin and manage database.

You require a web server software which can continuously run in your local computer. A local network called localhost is setup, which is a loopback network interface. Web server support server-side scripting and display webpages using (HTTP) Hypertext Transfer Protocol. If you have a Lan network at home, other computers can have access to web server through local address of computer and access websites visible. There are many free web server software available online which come in various packages as per requirement. Some of the best known software I have discussed below.

XAMPP Web Server

This is easy to use open source cross platform web server package that comes mainly with Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database/PHP Its other modules include OpenSSL and PhpMyAdmin. It can be easily configured by following its installation process. You can custom install and choose any drive for installation and services you require to start. More Services include FileZilla FTP server and Mercury SMTP server for web mail testing. Xampp for Windows Package comes with Addons like Tomcat, Perl Popular database based CMS Web Application like WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, phpBB3  can be be installed and tested locally. You can create database using http://localhost/phpmyadmin/and use other options like  privileges, export import given in menu on top.

phpMyAdmin Menu bar


WAMP Server For Windows

Wamp package is based on windows development environment. Its free to use open source project. Similar to Xampp its packages includes Apache2, PHP , MySQL database to manage, create web applications easily. Its PhpMyAdmin allows to create and manage database. Installation services are configured to suite your requirement.


This is a portable free web server which you can run from your usb, cd, dvd. It comes with the same combined package of Apache, MySQL, Php and PhpMyAdmin. Its a small free download package and perfect for viewing and testing website offline in your local web server.


Mamp installs as local web server in Mac OS X computer, PowerBook or iMac. It comes with combined package of Apache, PHP and MySQL similar  to windows OS. Its has two downloads MAMP and MAMP PRO, one free and other is 14-day trial with more functions.


Its a free combined package of  Apache, Mysql, PHP, Perl, MongoDB, Python and Softaculous auto-installer on a desktop and easy to install. Its download is  available for Windows and MAC OS X. This software stack  can be used for development of open source website applications  like wordpress, joomla where you can create and manage database.

MoWeS Portable

MoWeS Portable II is basic  free software package to set up WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) quickly on any Windows OS. You can select from the list of Server software and Application software shown with their package details. Based on your selection your zipped package is ready for download. You can also check other download from MoWeS Premium, MoWeS Portable III Ultra based on your requirement and interest.



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