Top best Movie and TV Apps for iPad, iPhone

People now watch more TV programs, streaming movies and videos more comfortably anywhere in their iPad, iPhone, Android that they had been watching on their TV, PC’s and laptop. Some of the best Apps for iPad and iPhone provide free and paid video, entertainment that you can watch online, has been possible on this great device allowing you to watch streaming HD videos easily using wi-fi, 3G, internet connection.


Netflix App

This App ideally for iPhone, iPad or iPod is available for free. You can download and watch TV shows, movies. Netflix also has unlimited streaming plan costs $7.99 a month.


Crackle - Movies & TV

This is also a free App provides which free movies and TV shows in iPad and owned by Sony Pictures.
It comes with nice intuitive interface and browsing feature. Comparatively its more free with no monthly subscription cost.

ABC Player

Free ABC Player

You can watch your favorite TV episodes like Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives and more by downloading this free Apps. Check out the Schedule or day, week so as not to miss latest episodes and also check on their website for more entertainment related information.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus By Hulu, LLC

This is also a good App which is both free and requires subscription with many exclusive benefits. This is also similar to abc player where you can watch thousands of streaming episodes from your favorite current or classic TV shows in your iPad, iPod, Touch iPhone, computer and enjoy videos in 720p HD screen resolution.


Youtube App

Most popular YouTube’s free App provides access support for iPad, iPhone, Android and takes most benefit from its capabilities. Youtube video supports HTML5 version of browser technology that allows you to watch videos without flash plugin. You can upload videos, search, record dvd quality videos, watch HD quality videos.



Another free App available for download bring a world of entertainment. You can watch your favorite TV shows, movies on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android. It comes with nice features of  Remote control search to select from TV listings, surf through TV channels, On Demand program, Remote DVR Scheduling to allow you to record from TV Listings remotely so you never miss your favorite shows when you are away from home.


EyeTV By Elgato Systems

This App worth downloading will allow you convert your iPad and iphone, Mac into mobile TV. Its allows to watch 3d stream live Tv and works with 3G or Wi-Fi connection with features like channels changing, browsing program guide with recording schedules
. Its latest version of award-winning software called EyeTV 3 comes with option of Turbo.264 HD  to give best possible viewing experience priced is at $4.99.

Movie Vault

Movie Vault for iPad

This App comes brings to you entertainment from great classic films designed for the iPad with many features. Watch thousands of movies in your iPad using Wi-fi or 3G connection. Browse famous classical movies by actors name, genre, title, director and movies over hundred years is priced at $2.99.


IMDb Movies & TV App

Imdb(internet movie database) is very popular and has largest collection of online database of movies, TV shows, actors and celebrity info. Its suitable for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad . Its search features where allow you search your actors info, movies pictures, trailers, reviews, latest DVD releases comes for free.



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One thought on “Top best Movie and TV Apps for iPad, iPhone

  1. I have used many of these apps at one point or another and each has pros and cons. The BEST app I have ever found for streaming video on my phone is from my employer, DISH. The DISH Remote Access app allows me to stream live TV and DVR recordings over 3g, 4g or WIFI. Those that are interested can head over to DISH and sign up for the free DISH Test drive which gives customers and non customers the chance to try a true TV anywhere service.

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