Top Best Creative And Innovative Smartphone Apps

In the present world with millions of apps around to choose from,we have all experienced the capabilities of some really superb Smartphone applications but today here we will get to know some really innovative and unique apps that have features that are amazing. These apps can be both fun and useful to handle.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock App

Sleep Cycle Alarm is one of the most innovative and reliable app developed, that can monitor your sleep movements and sleep patterns based on which you can set the alarm clock window and then the app will select the most appropriate time for you to wake up. It chooses that particular time of the alarm window when your sleep is in lightest stage, that means when you are almost awake This helps you feel totally relaxed and refreshed after you wake up. Sleep Cycle alarm  even keeps track of your daily sleep routine with the help of its accelerometer by maintaining a graph. ($0.99)

 Word Lens

Word Lens Apps

This iPhone app is a must for all business travels. It can translate any foreign language into English or vice verse, simply by holding your Smartphone against the write-up at a one hand distance. All it requires is a built in video camera to work. You can also type in the words and then translate them. One of the best part of this app is that it does not require any network connection to operate. Though Word Lens is a free app you will have to buy the particular dictionary that you want to use which can cost you around $ 4.99. This app is also likely to be available for Android soon.


Hangtime Apps

HangTime for iphone and ‘Throw Your Phone In The Air’ Version for Android are unique game apps that can risk your phone but give out some excitement to the player .The phone records the height to which it has been thrown in the air and how long it has been in that free state. The person who records the highest throw is the winner. ($0.99)


iOnRoad App

IonRoad is a smart driving free app that is available for both Android and iPhone users. What you need to do is just mount your smartphone over your cars dashboard and then with the help of phones build in video camera IonRoad keeps a check on the way ahead, alerts you about any possibilities of collision with any vehicle in the front, warns you against drifting lane with a warning sign and voice alarm.The app can also be used to monitor your speed and gives you a warning if by chance you exceed the set speed.


Fake me out of here

Fake Me Out Of Here App

Fake Me Out Of Here this Android free app allows you to give excellent excuse to leave if you are misplaced with unwanted people. You just need to shake your phone and then the app will give you a fake call that needs to be received and then the rest depends on your skills how you handle it as per your situation.


Annoy-A-Teen Apps

Annoy-a-Teen app for both Iphone and Android produces an irritating high frequency sound that is audible only to the teenagers (In some cases adult can also hear it) that can drive them mad. This app can be useful to clear your way out for safety. ($0.99)

Entity Sensor Pro

Entity Sensor Pro-EMF Detector

Are you the one interested in ghost world but do not own the costly EMF(Electro Magnitic Field) and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) detectors used in the paranormal shows then Entity Sensor Pro app for Android is just right for you. This award winning app uses your phones magnetic sensors to record the data around. You just need to place your phone over a leveled surface and wait till the meter drops down to zero only after this you can start recording  your readings.($ 9.99)



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