Save Your Instagram photos Before Facebook Acquisition

We all know about the news that is already out that Facebook is buying Instagram application; that allows the users to add filters and effects to pictures taken by the smartphones. Instagram had gained about 30 million users since it was launched in January 2011.

But some people want to delete their Instagram account because of the fear that the Facebook might seek their personal information through the photo data to target ads. If you too are planning something like that, just hold on for saving your photo library with one click



Export Photos in Instaport

So those of you who would like to export your photos where ever you want you can check out for Instaport Me.

The service is too simple to operate; you just need to log in your Instagram account, and then authorize the App. After this customize the photos that you want to export according to date, likes, tags. All this done then just click on export and the photos will get downloaded in .zip format.

The service is at present said to be free but it can’t be said about tomorrow, they might set up a nominal fee for it depending upon the hype generated.So go for it now.


copygram for Social & Backup

It can provide web interface to Instagram and you can download your photo library from other users feeds. You can backup, share, comment, like, follow on social network


instagrid - photo-sharing app

This web interface meant for Instagram does not let you to download your photo library but it does let you gain access to your favorite user’s library without even having an Instagram app installed. You can create instant gallery of photos and tag them.You can also subscribe to email updates of photo feeds from unknown and popular users of Instagram.


Share Photos, profiles

Before you shut your Instagram account save your photo library favorites with this tool. View images in different modes, create slideshows of images, create photo albums,  tag images, download share and like. You can also download them via $4.99 Mac.


sync your photos with socialfolders

Transfer fast, easy, sync and make a backup of your files, photos from your computer or from any website such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Doc, Picasso and even Youtube.

So make the use of necessary out of it all.



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