Move Objects With Brain Signals

Now you can move objects with a thought of mind. In the latest development in the medical field, a paralyzed woman of 14 years and 11 months could easily move a robotic arm with her thoughts and and drink coffee. Tiny electronic sensors implanted in her brain pick up her thought signals that are decoded and instructions given to robotic arm to grasp the coffee flask, move to her mouth that allow her to take a sip.

This is first time done successfully in real 3d space. Earlier researchers  had shown that thoughts could be used to control cursor movement on computer screens. The new successful tests suggest that this new technology will some day be used and will allow people with physical disability to do their daily task of eating and drinking independently.
Brain implants are placed on subject’s brain or attached to brain’s cortex  also referred as neural implants. This neural implant system called brainGate developed by the bio-tech company Cyberkinetics provide this interface system. This consist of tiny sensors implanted on motor cortex of brain that analyze brain signals combined with software and hardware to execute these signal into commands and control external devices.

At present the chip developed makes use of 100 hairy-thin electrodes that analyze and record the electro-magnetic signature of neurons firing in particular areas of the mind, for example, the realm that controls arm movement. This technology is promising and still under development and evaluation. Scientists cannot yet predict cost of this technology but depending upon on many factors, market size it may become affordable to large number of patients.



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