Look Who’s Seeing You From Your Phone

Detect your phone tracking activities

Can you imagine that you are facing trouble with your phone which gets sort out by itself without any complaint? Does anyone know out there what are you doing with your phone? Have you ever come across such instances? Since sometime back the news is out that an application named Carrier IQ is installed in your Smartphone that leaks out all your personal information data and activity that you perform from your phone. It is said that about 140 million users across the world are affected by Carrier IQ.It exists in three ways in your phone one as a app, another as a configuration file and third as a database.

How The Spy Got Detected

Find carrier iq check

A 25 year old software system administrator named Trevor Eckhart put up a video that claims to show information about your every move over the phone is being tracked by Carrier IQ like it monitors your text messages, your phone location, your passwords, and your keystrokes etc.Though the diagnostic software manufacturing company denies this but still it has been proved that in the background software is working that cannot be traced by a common user. The only fact excepted by Carrier IQ is that it collects and analysis data related to dropped calls and text messages.

Find CIQ On Your Android

Trevor Eckhart has developed a app that lets you know if Carrier IQ is working on your Android device. There are two versions available one is the free and the other is Pro version that automatically removes Carrier IQ from your device. The app works in selected devices and be careful in installing the app specially the Pro version.

The Apple Iphone also collects data and can tell the location of the users that is based on the most Wi-Fi spot usage of the customers which is justifiable. But still it is required that the manufactures and software developers of Smartphone make it mandatory to keep their consumers in knowledge with what kind of software’s or applications are they using and if it would fetch the company with any kind of data or information and where that information would be transferred. All these points must come under a proper law for the protection of the privacy of the user. Apple though now claims that its new version of Iphone software IOS 5 does not support or update the Carrier IQ but still here the question remains what about the older versions. The other mobile operators and makers like Google, Samsung, Nokia,RIM also follow the statement that they too don’t support any such software or app such as Carrier IQ in the handset but still there are apprehensions as the phone passes through various departments before reaching to final stage.



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