Install Windows Vista Theme in Windows 7

Themes of one operating system can be displayed in another operating system that is known as installation of 3rd party themes. That is you can create the effects or looks of one operating system into another, so if you are using old version of windows but want the display of the latest version of windows in your old windows you can download the present version themes and install them in your system to get the particular effects. This kind of change can also be done in latest versions of windows to install themes of older version. Like for example you can .install themes of windows vista in windows 7.

Installing Same Operating System Themes and 3rd party Themes

Though it is easy to install a particular windows theme in its own operating system like you can download windows 7 themes for your windows 7 operating system from Microsoft Windows Website and easily install it. But if you want to install a windows Vista theme in windows 7 you might need any one of the utility application that work as patches like-

Note: The patch makes your system ready for the installation of 3rd party theme. Download the application according to your 32bit/64bit windows.

windows vista themes

Where to Download Vista Themes for Windows 7

The 3rd party themes can be downloaded from some websites as you search for ‘download vista themes for windows 7’, one of the example website can be deviantart .

How To Install Vista Themes for Windows 7

These theme files download can be available in various forms –

If the file is available in *.exe format you can easily install it following the steps required.

Second  if you get file download in the form of *.zip extract the file in c:\Windows\Resources\Themes.You will be able to see your file as your file name.theme pack double click on it and your theme will be installed

Note : your pack of files  may give you options to install you’re the theme in different options such as -

  • theme (eg.Aero.theme)
  • Explorer.exe
  • Oobefldr.dll
  • ExplorerFrame.dll
  • Shell32.dll

Third if you get your file download in the form of *.themepack format which may not be  readable to your system, you then have to change your file format to .cab after doing this your file format will become as .zip which then can be extracted and installed as mentioned above.

Enjoy the Themes.



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