How To Sync Your Data From Multiple Devices

As we have known about tools for synchronizing our data on various platforms like desktop PC, laptop, smartphone. This is not limited to one device but multiple devices for easy access of our same important document, email, music, video, picture files wherever we go.
As discussed in our earlier post about Synchronization of files where you can keep control online and offline on files you have been working on and latter access it again from where you left, using other device like smartphone, Android, iPhone, and iPad and it has been done possible with Web Apps, Desktop software for file synchronization.

Popular Cloud-based syncing services

These web Apps allow you to save, share, access updated personal information and files from different devices using shared folder. Some of these popular apps are Dropbox, Springpad, Evernote, Gooogledocs used for keeping Emails, Calendar Events, and Contacts in Sync. Cloud Syncing is most used and preferred icloud for syncing personal information. iCloud sync comes for Mac, Windows, iOS 5. It is possible to store and update data for multiple devices by using many services from Gmail, Yahoo, and also by Microsoft exchange server web App.

Synchronizing Outlook on two machines

This method known as syncing of email by choosing IMAP email account if provided.  IMAP will be easier to use for multiple access. A copy of email will remain with server unless its deleted by you. Same email can be accessed through other machine also. In case of POP3,  email will come directly in one computer only, and remain unless you delete.

Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync

This has become popular calender sync which allows you sync event between Google events and Microsoft Outlook. Its first recommended to check compatibility with your current OS. Its compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. You can install from their site and follow through instructions, read sync options which are of three types.

Exchange E-Mail Active Sync Set Up

If you are using Microsoft office 365 or have small business set up, you can keep your data synced  easily by setting up exchange email, contacts and calendar information on your mobile, android allowing you to access data from anywhere through internet connection.You can set up exchange ActiveSync account by following instruction on your smartphones Pocket PCs and Pocket PC phones running on different windows  mobile software. You need to type your email address, select exchange account, watch more in video.

Portable devices like USB for Sync files

This option involves use of USB flash drive or hard drive for storing latest information on portable device or use software to sync between computer, laptop, external drive, iPods which is not applicable for all mobile phones. It has some limitations and cannot be used in restricted places like offices or where you may need approval.



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