How Can Video Games Make You Mentally Healthy

We all feel and know that playing games is a great form of entertainment for most of us who love to play them but what about those who hate it and feel that it’s just a form of time pass and would fetch nothing more than risking your eyes but putting the argument further lets analyze upon some of the points that go in favour of playing video games, like for example it can help you to put off stress, anxiety, make you feel motivated and help you with learning some new skills.

effects of video game on brain

There have been researches done to understand if video games do really increase the interactive ability of a person and make him smarter, the result is made of blended responses. It has been said that video games in themselves do not matter but what kind of game you are playing makes the difference.

IMPACT Trial, a 2009 research on 487 adults by Maya Clinic had come out with some indecisive results made by monitoring on a group of healthy old people, that watching educational videos and playing interact educational games increases speed, memory and sense perception of an individual but what about those who might be suffering from any kind of cognitive disorder .

A little earlier in 2010 study done by MRC Cognition and Brain Science Unit of Cambridge University on 11,430 adults showed that there was no such particular cognitive ability improvement among group of adult individuals who played brain and skill training computer games in contrast to those who did not. It was seen that skill developing games can train the individual in a particular skill set that they have been following but they are not able to prove themselves when put under some unseen and unpracticed challenges or puzzles. Many people might take it as an end to the argument but there is still much more to discover on this.

Taking control on video game

Points In Favour Of Gaming

  • The results of research might be mixed or it might not be able to establish the point that brain storming games can in anyway help an individual to face unseen challenges but still you can’t deny the fact that they positively do make an individuals accustomed to face new challenges and make you learn something new.
  • Certain games might be designed and developed in such a manner to improve your certain set of skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, interactive and observation power like for example ‘Brain Age’ can improve your mental speed
  • With the help of interactive video games one can easily learn much better and faster, be it getting trained in any language and skill or learn history.
  • If games played in healthy manner for a certain period of time can be a great source of entertainment. It has mental health benefits as it act as stress and anxiety buster. This has been proved by researches from Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Grant MacEwan University that games such as ‘Tetris’ and MMORPG games that are based on avatar help in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Video games like MindBloom Life can help in improving your social behaviour , ‘Hive Five Winner Fitocracy’ and ‘Fleetly’ for ios app encourage you to be more physically active .

At last I would say based on your own personal experiences and on research data you can yourself make up a conclusion to what you feel about the significance of video games. Have they really helped you out in any part of your life or it is just a source of entertainment that can also harm your mental health.



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