Face Recognition Camera App

We already have heard some time back about face recognition software, which was started as a password for opening laptop. Facial-recognition service released by face.com few years back has gained more popularity with development of  application for smartphones called KLIK  which is a camera app that can quickly tag your Facebook friends and display their names with faces in realtime.

KLIK App for Face recognition

You need to have your Facebook account to which klik that will connect and scan photos of your friends and identify the person’s view that you have tagged. After you have taken a snap and posted in your Facebook account, app will do the rest job of identification in real time. It will also scan the photos you have stored in your iPhone which are tagged. The tagged photo can be identified if found uploaded on social network site like Facebook, twiter.

Klik scans the faces of photo and sends visual data to company servers for processing to get back best guess of identity of photo.
Sometimes klik may come wrong identification, if klik does not recognize a photo or makes some mistakes, you can use New “learn” mode to  train and improve its recognition feature. This free App also comes with face enhancement  feature for photos by using face filter to make faces appear more better.
Face.com had admitted to some errors in  recognition feature with a hope to sort it out in time, it has also come with some bug fixes to improve performance.
Its other features include like and comment on photos, pushed notification to to instantly know when you have been tagged, liked or commented.



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