Environment Friendly Biodegradable Robots Of Future

We have all come up to the world of robots and have started using them in some kind of form , shape or design. Scientist have predicted the extensive use of robots in the future times. At present robots are usually made of metals or plastics that usually give durability to a product but still when these robots get nonfunctional and are to be recycled they can be a threat to the environment because of their non biodegradable and toxic body. So an alternative is to be bought out for the coming world when robot will be doing even menial tasks.


Engineers from the University of Bristol have received a grant to make what could be the worlds kindest robots or at least nicest to the world. Reports are that a Grant of £200,000 from the Leverhulme Trust will go into developing the biodegradable robots.

We are not sure if how much sophisticated these robots will be but every bit will be conscious for environment reserve. So the robots wont match vole emotionally but these environment robots still could make an impact on our world. Dr Jonathan Rossiter who secured the Grant explains “Once a biodegradable robot has reached the end of its mission, for example having performed some environmental cleanup activity following an oil spill, it will decompose into harmless material.” This will allow a larger deployment of robots in the environment because once a robot leave researchers have to track it and recover once its mission is over otherwise conventional robots toxic non biodegradable would just stay there and have negative impact on the natural ecology and this increases the cost of the project.

The university says that this new tech will enhance the abilities of “Ecobot”as the new robots are named, which gets its energy from food such as sugar and fruit or even insects because of Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technology that extracts electrons by microbial metabolic action



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