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While the younger generation has smartphones that can do nearly anything, the senior community isn’t really too impressed. Most younger cellphone users are concerned with the newest, flashiest phone that has a 4G network, goes on Facebook, takes pictures and video and that has a myriad of other specialty features that can really make life interesting.

senior citizen Cell phone user

Aging parents, or grandparents, on the other hand, just want a phone that works and has a cheap monthly service plan. They aren’t too interested in all the bells and whistles, instead they want a phone that is easy to use and can make calls. All the other features are usually wasted because they either don’t know how to use them or just don’t want to. When looking for a phone that properly suits seniors, ease of use is the number one priority. While most models are becoming increasingly convoluted with features, choosing a phone with only the basics is the best choice. Another thing to keep in mind is price, not only of the phone but also of the actual monthly plans. Grandma doesn’t want to drop an extra $15 for text messaging and web storage. She also really doesn’t want to pay extra for the leading market phone. This goes hand in hand with ease of use, but it should be mentioned just because everyone wants to get their parents or grandparents the best, but if it better suits their needs, scaling back is the best thing someone can do. Another thing to look for is clarity and button size. Make sure that the phone volume is loud enough and clear, some models designed for seniors are actually hard to hear from, and has larger button sizes that are easy to press Phone numbers. Some models that are best suited for the senior community are as follows:

Just5 ($89.99)

just5 cellphones for Elderly

This phone can work on any GSM carrier, and is a bare bone basic model. No frills, no apps but has big sizable buttons, amplified sound and an SOS button that sends texts to the top five contacts and also starts dialing the five contacts via speakerphone during an emergency.

Samsung Haven ($39.99 with 2-year contract)

Samsung Haven for Elderly

This phone available from Verizon is a basic flip phone, with a large display and keyboard. There is an SOS button for emergencies, a pill reminder option and texts can be received but not sent.

ClarityLife 900C ($100)

ClarityLife 900C Cellphone for Elderly

This rectangular phone can be used with T-Mobile and AT&T. The screen is very large and so are the buttons. There is an emergency button, and a sound control option that can reach up to 20 decibels.



This Guest Post Written By Mike, Catch me @thetechlegend

4 thoughts on “Cell Phones For Seniors

  1. Never seen/heard of the Clarity 900 before, but the button size looks good. There’s a lot of truth in what you say about choosing a phone for seniors, and not because they are slow or backward, but just because their priorities have often changed once they leave the work place and the kids move on.
    Another nice option for seniors is the Senior Value Cellphone. I noticed quite a few comments on it on another article, and on closer scrutiny, may just be the thing for my parents. It only costs $15, with monthly minutes costing less than $10, is prepaid and has all the usual senior features like large, lit up keys, yes/no menu navigation and emergency assist. Was definitely worth taking a look at. Nice to see people bringing attention to the needs of seniors-thanks.

  2. I have had the chance to personally use the Samsung Haven and I have to say it is great…really simple to operate, big buttons and the 911 emergency button.

    I would like for you to have profiled the Jitterbug phones from GreatCall as well…while they are more expensive, they come with:

    1) LiveNurse-where you can get medical advice 24/7

    2) 5Star Urgent Response System-it’s like having a mobile medic alert system.

    All in all, we will continue to see more and more of these phones hit the market as the baby boomers start to become senior citizens.

  3. I have also seen that the Tracfone SVC seems to be a great choice for seniors. It seems to me to be the lowest cost option while offering a good quality solution.

  4. I have heard a lot of these phones but I know best about the phone Colin wrote.
    I just like that they are designed with Seniors in mind. You know with their large keys and hearing aid compatibility (but even if you don’t need either of those features it is a great simple little phone).Its the best price out there at like seven dollars a month and I just cant imagine it getting better than that. The emergency call benefit of having a cell phone is also hugely important when you get older..
    But its good to know about all the phones available.

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