Brain Signals,The New Password Identification System

We have all come to the age of Hi-fi password protected data device for more security to these include the finger print scanners, face recognition apps and softwares for Smartphones and computers and of course who can forget about the retina scanners shown in the movies.

Your Brain Could be Your Password Never Forget It Again

But now the research is going beyond all these things to look into such techniques as using brain waves and heart beats of people for password protection that can’t be falsified. This field of research that makes your body as a password is called as cognitive biometrics. “There will come a time when a lot of current input devices won’t be necessary,” Dr Ken Revette, a professor of computer science at the British University in Egypt, told ABC Science. Revette is the founder of the International Journal of Cognitive Biometrics which focuses on the development of high-tech identification systems.

Ramaswami Palaniappan of the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom and Navin Cota of the Mind Research Network in New Mexico are researching on every individual signal of brain when looking on a particular image that marks their attention towards that particular picture. In the experiment over a set of individuals the researchers found that the brains reaction when looking a known and familiar image was different to that of looking at an unknown image.

Thus a password system will be secure as the person who has made the password is familiar to it so brain signal reactions will be different to one who does not know it or even is trying to get it right.

Currently this technology works on wearing a cap that makes a contact with the brain but the challenge would be to make it possible to work without the cap.

The other teams of researchers are trying it out how an individuals can be detected with their heartbeat differences even when their heart is beating fast or slow.

Talks are also on about making the passwords secure on base of keyword stroke patterns on keyboard.



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